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Topic subjectHe got out a few years ago.
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13312239, He got out a few years ago.
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Feb-06-19 04:34 PM
>Let him handle the licence, documents and grave visit on his
>own. Tell him about Uber/lyft.

Nah he's out and about, with a job and all that. Frnakly this is only problematic because I'm low on vacation hours and he's costing me overtime to boot.

>Use the kids as the excuse for whatever you can't do with
>him...if you really can't.
>But if you can and just rather stick to your routine, maybe
>you need to hop outside of your parenthood bubble for a night,
>for your own break, if the kids are fine.

It's mostly a logistical issue. The license/birth certificate and gravesite is 45 minutes away from where I live, and LA is about an hour and a half-two hours, depending on traffic. The paperwork stuff alone is at least a half a day.

The beach he wants to hit with my kids is Malibu, and he wants us to stay at his aunt's in Compton. She's a partier, and he wants to party. Since I'm not making my kids endure an all night party full of weed smoke, I'd have to bring them back home before heading back out for that part.

It's a lot of back and forth over long distances, and the driving a lone will take up several hours.