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Topic subjectNah I agree with most in here.
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13312238, Nah I agree with most in here.
Posted by Brew, Wed Feb-06-19 04:34 PM
Not being a bad friend. It's not like you're trying to dodge him altogether. You're just trying to steer the visit to some more age-appropriate timeframes/activities. And like someone already said, you having kids is a built in excuse.

I'd go as far as to say that *he'd* be acting as a bad friend were he to try hard to persuade you to run around the city/entire state for a wild weekend and ignore your pleas about needing to be there for your fam. Especially since it sounds like he's not only asking you to wild out but is also asking for a ton of favors.

And to be sure, considering how close you said y'all are, he shouldn't be *afraid* to ask for those favors. I'm just saying he should back off a bit on the other stuff when you say "nah I can't really do a weekend like that, but I'll help you out and let's just chill and play some 2k ..." or whatever.