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Topic subjectthere comes a time in every mans life
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13312231, there comes a time in every mans life
Posted by Selah, Wed Feb-06-19 04:29 PM
when you gotta be honest and let the chips fall where they may

true story time...

i used to go down to my brothers and ringleader them cats into legendary weekends

they would harrass my brother about when i was coming back because they all were lookgin for an excuse to cut loose

then I grew up

because they are all younger they didn't get it

one, my brother's best friend, literally cried the single indian tear when i told him there would be no shenanigans

when i go down now he doesn't want to hear from me at all

ah well

now ALL of us are older and some of them are now on some "old man in the club"

just put on "I ain't mad atcha" and keep it pushin

such is life