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Topic subjectit's already being done and it's not working
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13312840, it's already being done and it's not working
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Mon Feb-11-19 01:01 AM
at one point xvideos removed all the videos with "rape" and "snuff" and all variations thereof in the title. yet today there are more rape and snuff videos than ever on the site. many of the workarounds highlight the futility of broader regulation, for example you won't find "rape" but you will find "violcao" and "violacion" (portuguese and spanish words for rape), plus english terms like "forced" are still very much in play. they regulate it but they do a half-assed job, plus there are other sites that don't regulate it at all (and that creates competitive advantage ... just like independent video stores that survived blockbuster because they rented porn when chains didn't).

in broader forums, regulation has also proven ineffective, for example on tumblr. ultimately tumblr pulled the plug on all its porn pages, but that isn't an option for a porn page--that would be called going out of business.

these are *self-imposed* regulations that aren't working. now put this into a regulatory framework that has to operate across the entire globe. it won't work.