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Topic subjectI don't think it should be regulated but some of it is fucking gross
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13312314, I don't think it should be regulated but some of it is fucking gross
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Feb-07-19 12:58 AM
Xvideos has a real proliferation of snuff, incest, etc. This kind of shit is not just for Japan and Jeffrey Dahmer types anymore.

The degradation stuff is outta pocket, too, I agree, but it has been for a while. Some shit where a bunch of unattractive people fuck and it includes like vomit and making the girl say what a whore she is while she cries and shit? That's not sensual, really it's not even sexual, it's just violent.

I remember maybe 15 or so years ago I was telling my friend that there won't even be sex in porn at some point, it will just be some dirt bag slapping some junkie around. He turned around and said "they already have that" and showed me some series called "Slap Happy" that was pretty much just that, although I guess there was oral sex involved between the dude slapping the girl hard AF and spitting on her.

To me it's hard to regulate and not worth regulating. I just look at it as an experiment in how fucked up the human psyche is on all sides and keep it moving.