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Topic subjectAnd even if you were old enough to buy it
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13311919, And even if you were old enough to buy it
Posted by sectachrome86, Tue Feb-05-19 05:18 PM
Who wants to be the guy bringing up the latest issue of Penthouse to the register at Borders? Okay, you could go to a sex shop, but that still takes some dedication.

In middle school I had a friend who took me up in his attic and he had the ILL porn mag stash under the floorboards. I think that was the first time I ever saw like real hardcore porn. It was incredible. But I wasn't looking at the shit for 2 hours a day in my bedroom.

I also just remembered that I signed up for free trial issue of Playboy and had it sent to my own house. I was home first every day and could get the mail before anyone else but wow that was pretty ballsy.

Eventually I became wise to internet porn at maybe like 14 and I do think that had a negative effect on me.