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Topic subjectHas a socialist dictatorship ever been popular?
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13315415, Has a socialist dictatorship ever been popular?
Posted by j., Fri Feb-22-19 02:49 PM
Sure, ruling through fear and killing unarmed civilians is one way to maintain power

but OKP is fixated on "US Intervention" while Maduro denies humanitarian aid to a starving population

What are we gonna do? seize the oil fields like we did in Iraq?
oh right, 4k Americans died there and the oil still belongs to Iraq
(we're also so interventionist that Iraq is now basically an Iranian puppet state)
Where's the coup to install an American puppet in Baghdad?

Guaido was president of the Venezuelan national assembly a month ago
Backed by the Venezuelan constitution, he assumed interim presidential powers due to the power vacuum created by Maduro's illegitimate sham election

(A parallel situation exists here: If 45/Pence were found to have committed crimes in the election, our constitution says Nancy Pelosi would become president)


Maduro still has supporters, and they staged a counter-demonstration Saturday in Caracas, but a new poll said they're in the minority.

After years of economic decay, corruption and violence, the poll showed 82 percent of Venezuelans want Maduro to quit.