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Topic subjectlol not even 20 guns
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13312818, lol not even 20 guns
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Feb-10-19 07:38 PM
on one hand the radios are kind of significant because that is what rebel factions within the military requested in earlier talks with the U.S., which didn't amount to anything. on the other this sounds like a pretty small and mundane amount of weapons and tech, hardly enough to mount a "coup" lmao. maduro's own family has run guns and drugs so this isn't exactly a smoking gun.

let's also not forget that under chavez and maduro literally everything has been blamed on the u.s.a. and/or right-wing latinos (usually colombia). recently there have been allegations that they have stopped food and medicine from entering the country, even while maduro has abjectly rejected aid in that form from ngos and governments alike. recently they shut down the border into colombia again (the one that reaches cucuta) and instantly there were nut jobs throwing up pics saying that colombia had closed the border on behalf of the u.s.a., only to have the venezuelans announce right after that they shut the border down so nothing could get in.