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Topic subjectbreh they ain't need to tell me that
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13309595, breh they ain't need to tell me that
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sat Jan-26-19 04:25 AM
if that weren't the case, dude would be in a cell or a grave already.

rebels within venezuela's military were trying to coordinate with u.s. forces, that's a fact. the u.s. passed. could they have regrouped and formed a new plan? absolutely.

now, of course, it's easy to meet that with a side eye and think the worst.

but again, consider that a country that has been inculcated with anti-American sentiment and conspiracy theories (as well as actual facts) about America ruining their country is now *largely supportive of American intervention*.

this is more complicated than some ideological lens or drawing on past examples. there is a real crisis here, not just a resource ripe for pillaging.