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Topic subjectThe forces on the ground are not equipped in any way, shape or form
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13309509, The forces on the ground are not equipped in any way, shape or form
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Fri Jan-25-19 04:29 PM
They aren't equipped militarily for a coup, they aren't equipped economically for a recovery and politically they have been stripped of all power essentially. This won't happen without external backing and once you get into the international dynamics (specifically Russia's involvement), it won't happen with the U.S. becoming involved in some way, frankly.

Best-case scenario here we are looking at an international coalition that exploits the country in a way that is sustainable as opposed to the current looting. It isn't an ideal situation but a group that wants to come in, create infrastructure, cultivate resources and create a basic level of stability while they reap the profits is far preferable to the current situation. I'm not one of these people opening this sort of meddling with open arms or pretending there are good actors on the international stage. But I do think there is a chance for Venezuela to be on par with its neighbor, Colombia, who has shitty but sustainable deals with foreign powers that have taken it from a century-plus of violence and civil war to a relatively stable place. Let's not forget that while a million Venezuelans are in Colombia today, it was Venezuela opening its arms for Colombia 25-30 years ago, even more recently, in fact. I don't mean to tout Colombia too highly--on a national level it's still corrupt and internationally it has been exploited to a significant extent--but the two countries today are night and day. I am pretty plugged into the Venezuelan community in both the U.S. and Colombia as well as a lot of people who are still there. They are fucking thrilled about these developments. Part of that is the level of desperation the country has reached, no doubt, but they are not blind to the pitfalls. It's definitely a lesser of two evils situation, but the Maduro regime has established itself as a pretty great evil.