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Topic subjectThis post makes me think we all need to read more books
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13309454, This post makes me think we all need to read more books
Posted by GOMEZ, Fri Jan-25-19 03:10 PM
Things i take to be true in this situation

Capitalism vs. Socialism is not the ideal framework to view this discussion

The US has a history of malevolent interference when governments don't bow down and kiss the ring (espeically in South America and especially in oil rich countries), and I'd love to better understand our role here.

Oil is fucked, and if you're dependent on oil for your economy, the success of your government is largely based on the whims of OPEC.

Maduro seems like a genuine piece of shit.

Chavez i give a little more leeway to, his most obvious fault seems to be having no great succession plan or ability to affect sustainable long term change.

Corruption is a motherfucker, no matter what your main system of government is.

Last but not least - people are suffering and i don't see any great end in sight.