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Topic subjectMan, they refuse to even look at the role the US plays in this
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13309361, Man, they refuse to even look at the role the US plays in this
Posted by Hitokiri, Fri Jan-25-19 01:06 PM
When Venezuela nationalized industries that the US had a hand in (or owned), the United States (and Venezuela's wealthy) threw a fucking fit. But if you're a poor country with massive inequalities that need to be addressed, nationalizing of private entities makes tons of fucking sense. Why should millionaires/billionaires be getting rich and hoarding wealth while so many suffer?

And don't even get started on Cuba. The US has tried to strangle that island at every turn.

It's incredibly difficult for small and/or poor socialist nations (and we should also look at WHY some nations are rich and some are poor) to succeed in a vacuum. They usually do need support from other nations, because they're poor nations with limited resources. They have to trade with other nations, they have to have allies. And the US does everything it can to isolate them from the rest of the world so their system fails. What reason is there for the Cuban embargo to exist except for to strangle the socialist path of the nation? Because of political prisoners? But we still do business with Saudi Arabia, with Israel, with a host of other countries with serious human rights violations happening at every juncture. There's been a UN resolution every years going back decades for the US to end the embargo and almost every country in the UN approves, minus 3 nations. The US, Israel, and usually someplace like Guam.