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Topic subjectGreat job at countering what the article said
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13309146, Great job at countering what the article said
Posted by Hitokiri, Thu Jan-24-19 05:37 PM
That's funny that you bring up Cuba and Nicaragua though. Poor countries. Socialism doesn't make poor countries not poor countries. But since you bring them up, Cuba especially. Please compare it to similar countries. Compare Cuba to Honduras, to El Salvador, to Haiti, to the Dominican Republic, to Guatemala. Please compare those countries and tell me who's people are doing better. Please. Look at the life expectiancies, literacy rates, rates of crime, homelessness, infant mortality and tell him how Cuba compares to those countries.

*also got you out of the barrio kinda means you weren't poor, huh? Because in Venezuela in the actual barrios with actual poor people who couldn't get out, everyone I met was overjoyed to have a leader who finally gave a fuck about them.