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Topic subjectCongratulations, here's your first world armchair socialist medal
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13309136, Congratulations, here's your first world armchair socialist medal
Posted by j., Thu Jan-24-19 05:09 PM

Have never lived under a socialist regime (I lived in Caracas at the height of Chavez rule 2006-2007)

Have never dealt with lack of basic infrastructure (no water for days and blackouts)

Contrary to your romantic "class struggle" college freshman Communist Manifesto cliff notes, my family wasn't wealthy. Raised by a single mom who joined the military to get us out of the barrio (The worst American hood is a middle class neighborhood with all the amenities in Venezuela)

First world armchair socialists love to defend Chavez because he gave away oil to the Bronx and a bunch of other countries while staying silent as he sent the police and military to kill unarmed protesters

First world armchair socialists also get real quiet when statistical facts point out that a nation with the world's largest oil reserves is now the poorest in the western hemisphere

They have nothing to say about "the people" when they are now literally eating from the garbage because hyperinflation and currency controls installed by Chavez have made the Bolivar worthless (the socialist remedy to unemployment: print more money! subsidize everything!)

Why would first world armchair socialists say anything? they enjoy all the comforts and privileges of living here but would never dream of moving to Cuba, or Nicaragua, or Venezuela, the 3 closest socialist paradises.

Fuck Chavez, Fuck Maduro, and Fuck socialism