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Topic subjectGuaido is an interim/caretaker President
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13309126, Guaido is an interim/caretaker President
Posted by j., Thu Jan-24-19 04:46 PM
The Venezuelan constitution calls for the president of the national assembly (Guaido) to assume the powers of head of state when there's a rupture of the constitutional order (Maduro's last election was a sham fraud on some Cuba/North Korea 99.9% of all votes shit)

Guaido is a placeholder until new legit elections are held

The military high command (all of whom are cartel capos) is sticking by Maduro. So there needs to be more international pressure, but it can get sticky since Russia and China have major investments and have bailed Maduro out before. And of course a drug cartel masquerading as a government isn't just going to give up power peacefully

If Maduro gets cute with the American embassy that's all she wrote. Don't think he's that stupid, plus his Cuban handlers should have warned him

The people are out in the streets putting their lives on the line