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Topic subjectRE: was just texting some friends about this
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13309055, RE: was just texting some friends about this
Posted by Marauder21, Thu Jan-24-19 02:36 PM
>Chavistas like Maduro because that's his boy
>IN reality, Maduro is like Trump. Attacking the free press,
>delegitimizing the branch of government that holds opposing
>views (which Guaido heads) and making an entirely new one that
>he used to rewrite the constitution.
>On top of that there are huge economic problems. The IMF
>expects the 2019 inflation rate to be TEN MILLION PERCENT.

Yeah, I'm certainly not one of the people defending Maduro. While he was elected, nobody believes that was a legit election. But does Trump immediately recognizing another unelected leader help anything? There are so many ways additional US involvement could fuck this up worse, even if we don't invade.

>Right now only Cuba and Bolivia support Maduro, ten other
>Latin American countries support Guaido

Didn't Mexico and Uruguay both propose maintaining talks between Gauido and Maduro's sides? Though I don't think Uruguay is actually recognizing either of them as leader right now. I don't know, Trump and Bolsonaro immediately leaping out to be Team Gauido doesn't really make me feel better about that.