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Topic subjectWTF is going in Venezuela right now?
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13309042, WTF is going in Venezuela right now?
Posted by Marauder21, Thu Jan-24-19 01:49 PM

Speaking as a Dumb American, it sounds like:
-A guy who wasn't elected president (Guaido) is declaring himself president (which Venezuela's constitution kinda allows, at least on a temporary basis)
-Maduro was elected president in what almost certainly was NOT a legitimate election
-There seems to be genuine anti-Maduro sentiment from the people of Venezuela
-It's also being stoked by a foreign government that generally fucks things up horribly whenever they get involved in Latin American countries
-There's not an actual civil war going on yet, and we still don't know if Guadio will ultimately succeed in his effort to take power
-Trump's saying everything is on the table wrt to American involvement down there (presumably including an invasion)

This shit sounds bad and outside of "stay the entire fuck out of this," there don't sound like any good solutions for the US. Trump's already making noise by saying they won't recognize Maduro's request for US diplomats to leave the country, so if a civil war does break out, they'll be trapped there. Good chance some of them could get killed, which Trump can use as an excuse for invading and occupying the country.

Am I missing something else?