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Topic subjectMonoNeon Releases New Album 'My Feelings Be Peeling' - OKP
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13308047, MonoNeon Releases New Album 'My Feelings Be Peeling' - OKP
Posted by c71, Sat Jan-19-19 11:21 AM
There's a facebook (I don't know) clip of MonoNeon playing some off-kilter funk in a trio that some of y'all might like (plus a link to stream the album)



MonoNeon Releases New Album 'My Feelings Be Peeling' Featuring JD Beck, Sam Porter & Alissia Benveniste (Premiere)


The latest release from the Prince bassist features drummers JD Beck and Sam Porter, as well as producer and musician Alissia Benveniste.

MonoNeon, the Tennessee-based bass and guitar virtuoso, has dropped a new album.

Titled My Feelings Be Peeling, the nine-track project serves as the follow-up to 2018’s I Don’t Care Today (Angel & Demons in Lo-Fi) and features drummers JD Beck and Sam Porter, as well as producer and bassist Alissia Benveniste.

The album follows in line with MonoNeon’s previous releases, the musician blending funk and light-hearted humor in a way that only he can. But it’s also refreshing to hear him collaborating with a handful of talented young musicians.

“Working on My Feelings Be Peeling came to be when I wrote the song ‘Hot Cheetos,’ which producer IMAKEMADBEATS gave me that beat to play and sing on,” MonoNeon said. “I started working on new music for the album when JD Beck and Sam Porter (aka RetroPMas) sent me some live drum tracks to write to. I also collaborated with Alissia Benveniste on ‘Under the Spell of You.’ She created the drum programming on that song when I was playing around on guitar at her studio.”

On this album I’m pretty much just singing about being in love, existential crisis, and making life funny and funky through my personal bull crap,” he added. “I suck at communicating with people, like actually talking to people about how I feel, so I write these little songs about my peeling feelings.”

JD Beck contributed live drums to “Don’t Make This A World War 3” and “She Was Round and Brown”; Sam Porter contributed live drums on “Fart When You Pee” and “I Asked God to Teach me How to Love You”; and Alissia Benveniste contributed production on “Under the Spell of You.”

Listen to My Feelings Be Peeling below.
13308064, awesome
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Sat Jan-19-19 05:40 PM
listening now
13308068, Orange Mound Reppin'!!!
Posted by MaxPtah, Sat Jan-19-19 07:37 PM
13308155, so dope
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Jan-21-19 07:56 AM
this guy is literally a prince protege, very funky and fresh.
the 'nigga' song is funnnny. definitely have to catch him
when he goes on tour...hopefully in D.C. lol

oh man, so funky.