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13312940, RE: H.E.R. (tiny desk)
Posted by Original Juice, Mon Feb-11-19 01:07 PM
been following gabi's career for quite some time, and i'm always rooting for her as she's from my hometown and has always seemed like a genuine, down to earth, good kid.. She was always in the local newspapers which would alert her next tv performances (today, good morning america, showtime at the apollo, etc..).

her original music is ok. not gonna pretend like it's anything out of this world, but she is very talented, a multiinstrumentalist, and has a decent voice. i do like "best part" with her and daniel ceasar a lot. i wish she didn't make so much "sleeptime" moody/vibey music, though. i get that she's young and that she's trying to be of the times, but she needs to get back to her roots and bring that funk and classic soul we know she's capable of bringing.