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Topic subjecthmm.. I dont think the labels are that important
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13429236, hmm.. I dont think the labels are that important
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-06-21 08:03 PM
a toxic friend is no better or worse than a loser friend. A loser is just a person who chooses not to try and win at life. They threw in the towel and are just waiting on death.

A toxic person spreads their shit around. They infect other people in hopes it will
cure their sickness faster.

given what is being presented it doesn’t leave much room for positive reinforcement. I think both labels are spot on.

I could see if it handles updates were on some “he roams the streets at night and cant find his way home” but most of the updates are things most of us are familiar with and prolly had experience with with friends who weren’t shit aka losers/toxic ass people.

We all have to make choices on how much we are willing to put up with. Handle can handle more of this obviously but we already know how this ends. Either you cut the line and let dude sink or swim or keep paddling for him.

Most people will swim when they realize no one is going to do the paddling for them anymore.