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Topic subjectdoes he have any supportive family?
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13429234, does he have any supportive family?
Posted by rdhull, Tue Apr-06-21 05:25 PM
>Really???My friend how can't keep a roommate and it's
>stressing me out is akin to making excuses for a MASS
>>but let someone question Biden’s voting record and its
>>“Ayo bitch!!!.. fuck you, yo momma and yo granny”
>Your past points about Biden were nearly all talking points
>from the insane right wing or the left wing -- candidates that
>can win a small congressional race but not carry a state wide
>race. Ideas that LOST. And most of the time *completely
>And if your granny co-signs those points then fuck her too -
>but in good health with a roof over her head.
>Note: If the friend was losing his roommates because he was a
>Trump supporter or Q shit or anarchist shit then I wouldn't
>help or care at much all.
>Dude's mentally ill, is not allowed to work, is not capable of
>working and is POOR as fuck. Money (directed at rent,
>healthcare, food) would solve these problems - it's not
>addiction or violence or theft of sloth. (Or being WHITE. Or
>having a bad day and SHOOTING people.)
>And I can't change it.