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Topic subjectHey - this response kind of says a lot about you?
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13429232, Hey - this response kind of says a lot about you?
Posted by handle, Tue Apr-06-21 04:59 PM
Really???My friend how can't keep a roommate and it's stressing me out is akin to making excuses for a MASS SHOOTER.???


>but let someone question Biden’s voting record and its
>“Ayo bitch!!!.. fuck you, yo momma and yo granny”

Your past points about Biden were nearly all talking points from the insane right wing or the left wing -- candidates that can win a small congressional race but not carry a state wide race. Ideas that LOST. And most of the time *completely disingenuous.*

And if your granny co-signs those points then fuck her too - but in good health with a roof over her head.

Note: If the friend was losing his roommates because he was a Trump supporter or Q shit or anarchist shit then I wouldn't help or care at much all.

Dude's mentally ill, is not allowed to work, is not capable of working and is POOR as fuck. Money (directed at rent, healthcare, food) would solve these problems - it's not addiction or violence or theft of sloth. (Or being WHITE. Or having a bad day and SHOOTING people.)

And I can't change it.