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Topic subjectHe cares about his friends.
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13429209, He cares about his friends.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Apr-06-21 01:12 PM
I think for people to sit here and call them losers or what have you is a bit much.

Yes, they're toxic.
Yes, they're clearly causing him some measure of harm.
Yes, they seem like hopeless cases.

We can go on.

IMO he's reached a point where he needs to make a choice, because he's allowing them to bring their toxicity and instability to his doorstep.

There are a million reasons why he's doing that, and it's not a simple thing to cut those ties.

But to just flat out call them losers is doing way too much. This is clearly a sounding board for him to deal with it, and there's practical advise that he probably needs to hear, for his own well being.

But shitting on his people ain't it. There are better ways to describe and discuss their lot in life than wholesale labels like "loser", because that encompasses a lot while minimalizing the serious issues they clearly have.

You, as a mental health professional, should have a bit more compassion here.