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Topic subjectThis sounds like a Seinfeld epsiode
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13327770, This sounds like a Seinfeld epsiode
Posted by handle, Mon Apr-22-19 04:31 PM
>left a note with his info so he could repay the damage
>Then got mad when they called for the payment because in his
>mind her dad fixed the car so why was she tripping about
>getting repaid.
>I asked him why he left a note if he didn’t intend on paying
>and couldn’t grasp how much of an asshole he was for that
>Dude was mad as shit they kept asking for their money.
>But he intended to pay them if he ever won the lottery or
>money fell from the sky so that’s why he left the note. Said
>it was fucked up if we wouldn’t have left a note.
>Dude was fucking gone. It wasn’t even his car he was
>He also had a bag of dirty clothes in his room that
>spontaneously combusted into flames.

He's George AND Kramer.

It made me LOL.