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Topic subjectFriendship over with dude on the couch
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13327461, Friendship over with dude on the couch
Posted by handle, Sat Apr-20-19 04:54 PM
He basically stayed here on/off until April 5th. (Homeless and staying at my house around 3 months in total.)

I had loaned him up to that point $2600 - and had him sign paper saying he'd pay me back within 1 week of getting his inheritance - or the end of May, *whichever came first.*

On Friday April 5th he got the money for inheritance, which was basically like $55k . I loaned him $100 on that day for uBers/other stuff to make sure he could get to the lawyers, then the bank.

He got the money in an account, but could only access like $6k that first day, the rest might take until Tuesday. He got a hotel that night and hasn't stayed here since.

That Thursday April 11th I asked him via text when he was paying me back. It'd been a week since he got the money - and I expected for him to ask for a week from when he got all of it - that would have been fine.

Instead he sent me an animated GIF playing it off. He texted a few times over the next week but never mentioned money.

In the meantime I got a bunch of mail for him (he was using my address for the bank account) which was like his opening statement, his checks, a new ATM card/etc.

I didn't see him until Thursday April 18th, when he came over to pick the stuff up. I asked him how it's going - did he get a place/etc. But I also asked him to pay me the money, and that I'd take a check, and he played it off like "I'll pay you the money" but didn't give a date or even a reason as to why he couldn't do it that day - or on a day certain. (It wasn't a joke to me.)

So last night I wrote him an email asking to be paid immediately, reminding him the terms of the loan, and saying it was weighing on my mind and that I felt disrespected.

Well he PayPal'd me $1500 today, and he says he's sending another $1200 tomorrow but he also said this:

"Coming at me with an email like this because you cant wait a few days for the payment is kind of bullshit. You feel disrespected? Thats ridiculous.
I appreciate being able to stay at your house even though you where mostly as asshole the whole time, but thats fine. You'll get the rest of your payment, tomorrow
I'll expect an email to stating that you've been repaid once from you , then I think were done man."

I am a little hurt - but I think I realize that our friendship was probably done BEFORE he got in need. But still it's disappointing that someone I've known for 30 years would somehow come at ME for loaning them money, and letting them stay at my house (and eating my food) and it to end like this.