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Topic subjectnot to be annoying by bringing up...
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13313216, not to be annoying by bringing up...
Posted by sosumi, Tue Feb-12-19 02:31 PM
E Warren, because there are other threads about her candidacy

but her policy knowledge on these financial issues is so important

I remember the times when you could get charged an overdraft fee
and an insufficient funds fee and keep getting charged ever day...
and a fee for not keep $5000 in checking
or credits cards charging you a late fee then an over the limit fee

Obama's appointment of Warren shut that down

I remember some people getting clowned here for posting about using payday loans,
I used them and that payday loan fee was often lower than paying bank fees
though many ethical lenders got shut down as well...

I remember nyc acting like monthly metrocards were so cost efficient not realizing
that amount is some peoples whole paycheck, (actually still happening)
my favorite metrocard was like $52 for a two-week unlimited which was discontinued
and never reconsidered, tourists liked the all-day $7 pass

basically, it is expensive to be broke
and the shutdown proved that many are broke without that next paycheck...

and living beyond your means in the 20teens is survival not always irresponsible

even W Fargo made amends with overdraft rewind

as a cynical genxer, I appreciate the millennial efforts -
mattresses in a box
(and all of the Black people who thought of this stuff first)

lastly, you are a GOOD friend, not an enabler...