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Topic subjectFriend 2 is out now
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13309107, Friend 2 is out now
Posted by handle, Thu Jan-24-19 04:02 PM
I loaned him some money - around $1200 which I have on paper that he'll start paying back $350.00 a month starting on March 18th.

So he's out - he stayed with me for about 5 weeks.

Friend #1 still has not rented the place. Also has not taken my advice to get a TON of his shit out of the house and to lower rent by$50-$100 just to get someone IN. He's probably not going to make it and will get evicted. At least he has a steady income that he could afford to rent a room somewhere.

My plans:
I am *honestly* thinking about getting rid of my sleeper sofa so guests have to sleep on the god damn floor.