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13307687, RE: ^Yeah
Posted by rdhull, Thu Jan-17-19 04:26 PM
>>Its time to let him go
>>youre low-key enabling him
>Yeah, that's what's happening - although it's been minimal
>support -

dude..youre cleaning up his living room (he wont even do that lol)...thats MAJOR not to mention the hand holding with his finances etc etc and lending..nah..GIVING money away to them (you know u aint ever gettng that back)..youve done major..and its probably not the first time

>At least they're not alcoholics or drug addicts - I cut those
>types off in my 20s and haven't picked any up since then.

These dudes are the same thing

Handle dont rationalize..youre a good dude..i get it, these are your friends..but you have to stop the caretaking...