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Topic subjectHan, youre amazing (no snark).
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13307658, Han, youre amazing (no snark).
Posted by rdhull, Thu Jan-17-19 03:24 PM
>Friend got Dec 2018 SSI payment - the old bank got it, took
>the money he owed them out and friend is left with $710.
>Friend also dog-sat for several weeks and made $600 dollars.
>He spent it ALL without paying any towards rent.
>Friend's girls moved out - so he's trying (poorly) to rent the
>Friend's landlord made a deal he had to just pay Jan 2019 rent
>in full - get a roommate that passes a credit check of just
>"no evictions" and keep current at the rent and start to pay
>back rent (unknown amount I assume it's at least $2700.)
>So my friend's a FUCKING IDIOT and just assumed he'd be able
>to magically rent out the room - but i went over and the house
>is a fucking wreck. Filth all over the stove. Room being
>rented has no light and has crap in it so not move in ready -
>bathroom has 1 door blocked, common front room is dusty as
>shit, has tons of horder-LIGHT clutter and he didn't clean it
>at all. it sucks.
>He had some people put in applications and pass the credit
>check-- and one said he was going to move in but he didn't. I
>suspect he got a place less filthy.
>So Friend he's at least $250 short on rent - and the house is
>a mess.
>I bought about $40 dollar worth of cleaning supplies/garbage
>bags and boxes and dropped them off last week- I don't know if
>he's used them at all.
>Oh, and another Friend - Friend #2 also got evicted from his
>place and I've let him crash at my house for 4 weeks - give
>just him 3 weeks notice to leave even if he's on the streets.
>Trying to work out a deal where I loan both some money - they
>live together and hopefully stay off the streets.
>I think it will fail and they're both fucked - but it's
>causing me so much stress I can't enjoy life.
>Plus i got my own shit going on.