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Topic subjectRE: A 27 dollar deal for a $1 soda?
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13302751, RE: A 27 dollar deal for a $1 soda?
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-18-18 05:04 PM
>That’s insane....
>BUT I have to add.
>Dudes math is off line shit. If he makes $900 and his rent is
>$950 how the hell does he think he can swipe for movies and

His situation has changed because of the girlfriend no longer bringing in money AND I'm sure that his bi-polar depression and new depression for his GF breaking up with him, not paying money towards rent, all contributed to it. It seems to have have happened in about a 3 week period.

Two things: If overdraft was not turned on he'd have bounced a rent check and knew he was in debt and he may have reached out earlier. But it WOULD have stopped the around $1000 in fees that was caused by overdraft "protection" being on.

He's fucked, no doubt.

>Get that man a firestick or something.
I pay for his cable modem ($30) for the last few months so he can stream, but dude prolly wanted to watch something at Redbox and figured (wrongly) if he didn't have the money it'd just get denied.

Make no mistake - he spent the money and his maths do not add up - I am not denying that at all.

>and his ex lives with him rent free?
>Man.. that dude has a lot going on.

He's so fucked up/depressed right now.

I told him to give his ex-GF a Pay or Quit notice. She needs to go sleep on people's couches or sleep in her car.

I think it's likely we'll have to commit him for a little while - we did about 4 years ago (at his request - we just helped) and he stayed in the hospital for a few weeks. But if that happens now with no GF then he'll definitely lose his place - and I'll have a 3rd cat to take care of. And then he'll be houseless/homeless.

And no - he can't move in with me - he'd be a nightmare to live with - and also ANOTHER friend is currently staying on my couch because he lost his job.

If I could get his GF out then I might just move my other friend in, pay 3 months of their rent and stuff (think $3,000) and get an IOU from them and hopefully they'll catch up and start to pay me back in 6 months to a year.

I've loaned both money in the past and they have paid me back - but it took a long time.