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Topic subjectNo, landlord is a weirdo who rents to poor people
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13302706, No, landlord is a weirdo who rents to poor people
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-18-18 01:42 PM
>The landlord charging any fees too?

I think he'll just want to be made whole - if he got charged a fee then my friend has to pay it . Landlord has not attempted to deposit the December rent so he doesn't know my friend is 2 months behind.

I think my friend will ultimately not be able to stay in his house, since rent is $950 and his income is $900, his girlfriend stopped paying rents months ago and broke up with him, and he can'g get a roommate until she leaves AND we clean the FUCK out of the dusty and cluttered house.

Even with a roommate, after expense he'll have only $500 a month for food and clothes/etc. We have to try to get him on Section 8 or something.