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Topic subjectTurkey Day 2018 messed up AWREADY!
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13298609, Turkey Day 2018 messed up AWREADY!
Posted by kingjerm78, Wed Nov-21-18 09:47 PM
So BOOM...Ma Dukes was supposed to be doing Thanksgiving this year, and invited my family. I talked it over with the wife and she agreed to forgo her family's dinner to eat with my side. *sidenote* we ALWAYS eat with her side. I'm cool with it...no big deal. Her side was doing the dinner in Rock Hill, SC (outside of Charlotte) and Moms was doing hers in Savannah. Her side usually does dinner in Sav, but they moved the operation to a cousin's house in SC.

Fast forward to today. I had talked to moms over the weekend and everything was still a go. I come home from work, pack a bag, roll up and get mentally prepared for the road. Hit up my brother to see what time he's getting in...this joker tells me he's still in Chicago and isn't going to make it. THEN he proceeds to tell me that Moms had to cancel the dinner because she's still in TEXAS!

But why she ain't tell me it was canceled? NOW I GOTTA TELL THE WIFE THE BAD NEWS.

My wife is one of them family oriented people. She has a big family and they gather for ANY reason at all. She didn't take it well AT ALL! She's mad...now we gotta scramble around and cook tomorrow. Not how I envisioned my Turkey Day going.

The bad part is, I can't even tell my mom that she put me in a fucked up spot because her lack of communication. I gotta take this one on the chin.