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Topic subjectRE: he's overdoing his LA accent this season
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13286476, RE: he's overdoing his LA accent this season
Posted by IkeMoses, Fri Sep-14-18 03:32 PM
>The CIA stuff
>has been good this season. I think it has improved overall.

That surprises me, because as soon as Contra dude got wrote off I was done with the CIA side. White cop shit ruined Narcos for me, and it ruined Snowfall for me too.

>I have issues with some of the details though. The graffiti,
>and the cholos look like something out of a Mad TV sketch.
>There are literally thousands of people in LA who could have
>helped with this.

How they handle gangs period is hella Dangerous Minds. Like what hood is any of them niggas even from? It's all very generic.