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Topic subject"Why not?" Iono eeven like dogs! "That's the beauty of it!!"
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13279292, "Why not?" Iono eeven like dogs! "That's the beauty of it!!"
Posted by tully_blanchard, Fri Aug-10-18 01:43 PM
Really need to do some cleaning/purging/organizin' round the house. Just bought a bookshelf and I gotta get it moved to where it's fosed to go. The kid has two softball games on Saturday (she's the team manager...i know...smh...but she gets the volunteer hours she needs for IB graduation) up in Marietta, so I may drive some Uber up there and catch one of the games.

Other than that? Ehh...tryna not go record shopping (rrriiiiigggghhht) and put the money towards the NY trip coming up in a month.


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