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Topic subjectLmao at got lipo....i did NOT know that
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13271305, Lmao at got lipo....i did NOT know that
Posted by ambient1, Fri Jun-29-18 04:13 PM

Good Pt
>he aint a master of turning l's into w's. he is just lucky to
>come up in an era where l's aint l's no more lol.

reminds me somewhat of a homeboy I went to school wit....

dude done got beat up a bunch of times, Sisqo took his girl right b4 he became 'Sisqo', and he took more L's according to man law than Drizzy....this nigga even literally kissed the class ring of a upperclassmen when we was freshman

yet and still this nigga somehow ALWAYS keeps a baddie on his arm...ran thru half the city f'real

it's fascinating...