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Topic subjectIts durn impossible to find OGs of those "In The Wild"
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13346161, Its durn impossible to find OGs of those "In The Wild"
Posted by tully_blanchard, Wed Sep-04-19 10:52 AM
Rule of thumb...for Hip Hop especially. If its still sealed, more than likely its a reissue.

Once you get your collection up, and get past the phase of "oh I like 4/9 songs on there", you'll get back focused. Don't wurr bout it. As far as getting help from record store clerks...don't count out it. Most clerks have learned that "record guys" like to be left alone to dig (I know I do), so they don't look to be friendly.

Good deal getting your discogs up..thats gonna save you money/headaches/repeat buys once you get your collection up high.

Whats your id on there? I'll add you as a friend


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