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Topic subjectBest entry level table?
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13345368, Best entry level table?
Posted by tully_blanchard, Thu Aug-29-19 09:05 AM
Cant go wrong with Audio Technica AT LP60

You can get a decent pair of monitors for about 150-200 bucks and be done with the whole thing.

I've bought a few 2 channel receivers from Goodwill for less than 20 bucks, just make sure you have the right type of speakers to connect to it, if you want to go the whole "vintage" setup.

As far as buying? If you don't have good local stores, create a Discogs.com account and shop away.

The main about it all? You really don't have to put too munch thought into it. Just buy what you like, something decent to play it on (no Crosleys or IONs) and enjoy the music.


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