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Topic subjectI'm not a great authority on turntables
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13345364, I'm not a great authority on turntables
Posted by dagu, Thu Aug-29-19 08:56 AM
since I was pretty much in the same boat as you about a year ago and was trying to get a good quality "entry-level" turntable (to replace a cheap second-hand one I bought on craigslist years before).

If you haven't already I would search the subreddit for that table and see what people who own it have to say about it such as: ease of USB use (which from what I remember can sometimes be a hassle), how easy it is to bypass the built-in preamp (which everyone recommends doing but may be more difficult on some tables than others), cartridge replacement, etc.

I actually bought an Audio-Technica LP120 and returned it without ever using it because I found a Technics SL-1360 on cragislist for marginally more a couple of weeks later.