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Topic subjectRE: where do you find out about garage/estate sales?
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13345322, RE: where do you find out about garage/estate sales?
Posted by BlakStaar, Wed Aug-28-19 05:18 PM
Estate Sales: EstateSales.net

Garage sales: Craigslist, YardSaleSearch.com, YardSales.net, Garagesalefinder.com + my random knowledge about historic neighborhood annual sales. Most major cities have well-known subdivisions and neighborhoods that will have annual yard sales. In Detroit, there's Boston Edision (home of the Motown mansion), Rosedale Park, etc.

The realiability of used turntables depends on how knowledgeble and honest the record store is...I purchased my last turntable from a store owned by a guy that used to repair turntables for a living. He's very knowledgeable and tests his gear before making it available for sale. If you have any concerns, just ask. Has this been tested? Do you know anything about the previous owner's usage? Does this have a new cartridge/stylus?

If you buy from a thrift store, it's more of a gamble, I think.