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Topic subjecthelp a newbie?
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13345293, help a newbie?
Posted by mista k5, Wed Aug-28-19 03:33 PM
i think im going to start building a collection. i want to get all the rap albums i love, maybe all the albums i love regardless of genre. at this point i dont think i want to get complete discographies, just my favorites. i bought the first three tribe records and their last one a couple weeks back. im going to try to wait a couple months before going out for more.

i do want to play them but im not sure how often. i dont have a record player though lol. i want to get a quality set up without going too crazy. i figure i should buy it in sections, ideally buying something i can use immediately first then go from there. so maybe speakers i could use with other stuff i have? or a receiver?

all i have for audio at home is a cheapo bluetooth stereo that sounds decent

and some vizio sound bar that doesnt have a sub.

if i want to spend around $200 on something now that will end up in my final setup what do you recommend? im hoping come next may i can complete my setup.

any tips on finding records?