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Topic subjectNot really a pet peeve...but this shit pissed me off
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13337638, Not really a pet peeve...but this shit pissed me off
Posted by tully_blanchard, Mon Jun-10-19 08:44 PM
My homeboy back home has a store, and I'm home regularly, so when I'm in town, I go check him out, buy a few things (whether I want them or not, but to support him), have a beer with him and bounce. He posts stuff regularly, so when I know I'm coming home in a week or two, I'll ask him to put something aside for me (since he aint set up to take internet payments, and wont let anyone cash app him to hold shit), and I'll either send a friend to pick it up or I'll get it when I come home.

Twice now...when I said "YO!!! I'll be home in two weeks..put that to the side for me and I'll pick it up" he's either gone and sold it or makes himself unavailable.

I had asked him to put a used copy of "Hail to the Thief" on the side for me, and since he knew I had a dj gig in two weeks..he knew I'd be home. He told me he would, so when I stopped by his store on Saturday, he wasnt there. No big deal. I called him...no answer. I texted him "hey man..I"m at the store...you put my jawn to the side, right?"

**the store can operate with no employees present. They have space in a "beer market", so you can browse the records and bring them to the register in the market when you wanna pay**

He texted "I'm in the mall right now..no signal..I'll hit you right back" First of all..all you had to say was "yeah, it's behind the speaker" or "nah man, it's at the crib, I can get it to you tomorrow" or some shit other than "no signal". He's my man since high school though, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I waited around for a call back..had a beer..30 minutes later...still no response. I went to another store and bought that bitch brand new...10 bucks more than he was charging for it, and told him "don't worry about it, I got it from the other spot". Asshole. I didn't wanna spend the extra cheese for it, but I HAD to do it just to be like "fuck you then punk!"


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