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Topic subjectPeople Who Only Buy Vinyl To Turn Them Into Bowls, Clocks, Etc.
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13315963, People Who Only Buy Vinyl To Turn Them Into Bowls, Clocks, Etc.
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Mon Feb-25-19 09:06 PM
I really hate these people to death, I really do, cause they don't want the records that have been at Goodwills & Salvation Army's that's all scratched up and turn up sleeves, ooohh NNNNNOOOOO, they want the super clean records with super clean picture sleeves.

What they plan to do is use the cover art for art or to cut up to make collagues, and use the vinyl to make bowls, clocks, words, etc.

In fact one record store manager said he had a few women come in his store looking for vinyl to make into art and complained why she couldn't get the vinyl cheaper cause she didn't care about what the music was, she just wanted to use it to turn into other things, so he started taking all the vinyl people wouldn't want that brought vinyl in, and he would throw away the sleeves and make 10 LP bundles of random vinyl (not the scratched up stuff but the VG to Mint condition vinyl) shrink wrap them in bundles and sell 'em for like $5.

I was so pissed cause one time I saw a pack and on the outside of one was a Tomita vinyl I've been looking for for a while now, now if it was a bunch of Hootie & The Blowfish records I wouldn't give a damn.

I know to some people something is junk and to other it's treasure but I see how the new hipster mind set is for people wanting things and how others it's just a way to get paid to pay the bills; just like people who now taking vinyl they don't want and making them into flooring, smh.