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Topic subjectRE: I feel sorry for Atlanta...
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13315247, RE: I feel sorry for Atlanta...
Posted by tully_blanchard, Fri Feb-22-19 08:44 AM
>I hit criminal records first..the store was cool but a little
>hipster for me.

I only shop there for my daughter. They usually have the indie bands that she likes.

>Barely any vinyl, and the guy was hovering like he thought I
>was gonna steal from him.

SEE!!!!! I try to tell people...not a fan at all**

(**except on RSD...theres never a line, cause....)

>Respect to wax n facts, nice bunch of guys and fairly priced.

The Grandaddy

>Beatlab was decent too, but not enough space to dig.

I rank them slightly above Moods. Way too many times I've gone there and they want 10 bucks for a record that looks like somebody cut a steak on it.

>It IS cool that they are within walking distance, Only SOHO in
>London has a better patch of stores within a few blocks to
>I also hit Waterloo sunset, which has a nice bargain bin.

I fuxx wit them

>Ella Gura was the highlight for me. Dope, dope shop.

Might be my favorite shop in the A....but you were close to....

>Fantasyland wasn't as dope as I thought it would be
Once you get past the size and the cleanliness, it's like...ehh...okay.

>I always judge stores based on the price they sell Thriller
>at....i went to Sweet Melissa and they had a used copy for
>$33, so I was kinda done with that place.

I've never wanted to visit that store ever for that very reason

>Goodwills didn't have a damn thing for me.i was kinda bummed
>at that.

The GWs here are very hit or miss. I've found some dooooooope shit in them, but that was after months of stalking

>Drove down to Macon and hit Old School Music
>Headquarters....fucking phenomenal place for diggers....i
>spent 4 hours in there and went through every record they had

Hmmm....Macon you say???

Next time you're through here hit me up...theres a couple of dope spots you missed.


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