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Topic subjectI feel sorry for Atlanta...
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13315240, I feel sorry for Atlanta...
Posted by murderbear, Fri Feb-22-19 07:26 AM
At least for the diggers

I was there two weeks ago and found most stores over-curated...that is to say most records were slightly overpriced and the bargain bins were alphabetized in some case....a really bad sign.

If they got time to sort the bargain bin, ain't no real bargains in there.

I hit criminal records first..the store was cool but a little hipster for me.

FUCK MOODS AS A RECORD STORE, AN ORGANIZATION, AND A CREW. Barely any vinyl, and the guy was hovering like he thought I was gonna steal from him.

Respect to wax n facts, nice bunch of guys and fairly priced.

Beatlab was decent too, but not enough space to dig.

It IS cool that they are within walking distance, Only SOHO in London has a better patch of stores within a few blocks to me.

I also hit Waterloo sunset, which has a nice bargain bin.

Ella Gura was the highlight for me. Dope, dope shop.

Fantasyland wasn't as dope as I thought it would be

I always judge stores based on the price they sell Thriller at....i went to Sweet Melissa and they had a used copy for $33, so I was kinda done with that place.

Goodwills didn't have a damn thing for me.i was kinda bummed at that.

Drove down to Macon and hit Old School Music Headquarters....fucking phenomenal place for diggers....i spent 4 hours in there and went through every record they had