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Topic subjectAnother dope pop-up for you LA folks courtesy of Egon and Madlib:
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13314800, Another dope pop-up for you LA folks courtesy of Egon and Madlib:
Posted by BlakStaar, Wed Feb-20-19 05:31 PM
I'm so jelly! We don't get these type of joints in Detroit.

Feb. 23rd and 24th, noon-6 PM each day
Rappcats, 5638 York Blvd, Los Angeles

On February 23rd and 24th, Egon’s hosting his first record store of 2019 at the Rappcats he runs with Madlib and Jeff Jank, selling records he’s collected over the past 8 months and rarities from his personal collection. What used to be a quarterly event is now semi-annual, with new records sourced from around the world available at each event.

Records from Italian music libraries to deep disco and boogie to synth-led private-pressed albums to Brasilian bossa-nova to Zamrock will line the walls of the 1500 square foot Rappcats space in Highland Park. Also available on site will be the entire Now-Again catalog — for a one day discount of 25% less than our normal retail prices. If you can’t make it to Highland Park, all online Now-Again orders from the Rappcats store placed on that weekend will receive a 25% discount as well.

Soilpimp will be in town hosting a study in German Riesling, new stock will be available each day and we’ll be inviting legendary LA musicians to come hang and engage in musical discovery and conversation with you. Check Egon’s Instagram page for updates as to what will be made available at the pop up and check his 21+ hour long Spotify playlist to hear selections from the shop.