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Topic subjectWhat I Hate Is People Who Look Up Prices On Ebay & Amazon
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13304860, What I Hate Is People Who Look Up Prices On Ebay & Amazon
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Fri Jan-04-19 11:58 PM
The prices of those shits are 99% of the time always way over priced and is never correct, plus the idiots who bring in vinyl usually are the people who find vinyl on the sidewalk, or be cleaning someone's house or a relative's home, thinking they got some undiscovered gold when 90% of the time it's the same ol' generic bullshit (Dan Fogelberg, Diana Ross, Glenn Miller, Styx, Donna Summer, Eagles, George Benson, classical albums, & Sugarhill Records 12"s) and they're all scratched to hell, warped, and sometimes missing the jacket or even missing the actual record.

They be looking at prices on Ebay thinking it's worth tons of money, I remember when MJ died and somebody had an unopened copy of "Thriller" for sale for $10,000 and some idiot bought it, for weeks we had people calling the store asking how much they can get for it, and I keep telling them, we'll buy it for $1 - $2, it's less than 50 million copies out there, it's not rare, some get mad, while others just take the money but think we're ripping them off even though before he died were were selling it for $5 to $7, after death $7 to $15 depending on condition, while I was still finding plenty of copies in $1 to $2 bins when I dig certain spots, not including the picture disc reissues though, those still go for $20 & up most places.

The same thing goes with Beatles records, everyone thinks they got a rare pressing, when they don't, yes there is some out there but I still haven't seen one just a ton of those reissues & box sets at high prices.