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Topic subjectHeres one thats not about "that store"
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13268514, Heres one thats not about "that store"
Posted by tully_blanchard, Thu Jun-21-18 12:10 PM
Shopping with someone who doesnt know how to shop.

My homie...love him to death...but he hasnt mastered the art of suppressing your reaction when you've found that white whale you've been looking for.

Nothing worse than someone yelling "oh shit!!! OH SHIT!!!! THEY GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!" in the middle of a record store. Even my 14 year old knows better.


People making fun of every weird cover they come across. Like...this shit aint a game.."hey man, look at this guy! lol..he looks like a real chump!" And it's an Eddie Kendricks album that I need. smh.


Fuck aliens