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Topic subjectRE: Eh, they're basically the same regardless of where they're from
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13265999, RE: Eh, they're basically the same regardless of where they're from
Posted by MEAT, Wed Jun-13-18 09:22 AM
We’re a country that’s pro war
There needs to be people that are anti intervention until we’re not
But that’s who we are as a country
The defense system business model is too valuable to red states

We’re a country that’s pro predatory capitalism
There needs to be a way to put checks on that but it’s who we are a country

You can’t blame that on Democrats, fighting and consumerism are core to our national identity.
I personally disagree with it.
I personally feel that more investing in this country and the social net is the way to go.
I personally am not for the culture of America.

But as long as a country built and maintained by white supremacy is allowed to never confront that core driving force of their behaviors I don’t believe that systematic and radical change can take place. Because it can SO easily be derailed by just pointing at brown people. So we get incrementalism at best. Because in large part white society both red and blue, don’t want to fully admit that to get a better country we need to address structural inequality based on and fed with racism via white supremacy.