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Topic subjectYeah? Because the derivations and extensions of the Beatles are ...?
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13265938, Yeah? Because the derivations and extensions of the Beatles are ...?
Posted by MEAT, Wed Jun-13-18 08:29 AM
Meanwhile, the roots (mainly quest and thought) have worked with, inspired, and cultivated near every part of black culture
Hell quest has a cookbook
From working with Dave at his block party
To cultivating and promoting newer and established artists with their festival
To being the literal soundtrack to a majority of black love movies
To working with nearly every rapper and “neo soul” artist you can name
If the two most prominent and longstanding members of the band are the most influential then I’m treating this as the influence of the band

Meanwhile the Beatles had a seven year run as a band
What artist came from them?
They were at best solid mimicers of established sound. Even their avant garden shot was bitten from someone else
At best they’re knock off Jay-Z’s in that they rose to the top promonice due to the deaths of larger and better artists, by riding the waves of the time, while never really innovating.
But Jay-Z has had a two decade run now.