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Topic subjectOver 2 decades of evolving above average music
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13265756, Over 2 decades of evolving above average music
Posted by MEAT, Tue Jun-12-18 02:16 PM
A front man who’s arguably the best at his craft ever (not John or George)
A bandleader who’s one of the largest continuous drivers of the culture as well as being a curator of the catalogs of greats (you think he’ll sell his masters?)
Kirk (better than any of them on the guitar)
Introduction of literature and philosophical topics that are digestible without LSD (thanks for “bringing” yogi culture to the forefront in the 60s, real tough there guys)

Music has continued to be advanced by The Roots and the members of the band
The Beatles peaked, flashed, and their actual impact is much lower than their commercial recognition.

Hell the contribution to the Soulaquarians’ careers should be more than enough